The Metal Detectors Hub Diaries

The Metal Detectors Hub Diaries

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It has excellent discrimination and varied alerts to let you know whether you’ve found iron, silver, gold, or another metal. This metal detector has a nice digital display, three distinct alerts, and a durable carrying case. This is truly a metal detector that proves less is more. The depth indicator is very clear and you can easily see what mode your detector is in. It has three modes, so you can easily choose what you want to search for–you can set the device to find “all metals,” “jewelry” or “coins.” The display on the Ace 150 is very cool and very easy to understand, as well.

The headphones really come in handy because you can’t turn down the volume on this metal detector. You can easily change the detection mode for searching for jewelry or coins or set your own custom search mode.

Click here for what I consider the “basics” of metal detecting. Also you can read about what controls most metal detectors have (sensitivity and discrimination) as well as some good starting locations on where to hunt.

For fresh water gold prospecting in rivers, creeks and lakes, the AT Gold is the obvious choice. It’s a VLF detector, so don’t expect the depth of a pulse induction model, but it’s brilliant for smaller nuggets that are near the surface. The AT Gold also provides great sensitivity for small gold nuggets. Once you’ve learned the various features and settings, it’s a joy to use – especially with the clear Target ID and depth indicator.

Adults interested in metal detecting should expect to spend at least $100 and serious treasure hunters may spend upwards of $250. Sensitivity settings: You may be able to adjust the sensitivity of your metal detector, so it only picks up certain kinds of metals. There are tone alerts and a numerical display for target ID, a sensitivity control and pinpoint mode, although there are no options for notch settings or manual ground balance adjustments. It’s where you manage everything from discrimination and sensitivity to audio settings and it features digital target ID and depth readouts.

The XP DEUS Metal Detector is a fully wireless metal detector and comes with WS5 full headphones and controller. For the beginner, this is a great choice for a metal detector that will serve you well for many years to come. Here is a list of the top best metal detectors for beginners to help you find the best model for fun and successful treasure hunting.

You will need a single frequency VLF detector which runs at 15 KHz or below. Just like its older brother, the Fisher Gold Bug 2, depth is not something that the Gold Bug Pro is particularly famous for.

Amazingly, you won’t need to dig too deep either because, as some experts have pointed out, a ring or coin lost on the surface around 100 to 200 years ago will only sink between 3cm and 20cm over time. A recently ploughed field is the best place to start since the topsoil has just been turned and the ground is soft enough to dig. Finally, don’t forget to take a small shoulder bag with you to carry all that lovely treasure you’ve just found.

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger features a motion all-metal mode and trash elimination control that allows you to find only the items you want. The unit also features a pinpoint mode and depth indicator for accurate and precise target location.

The no-motion pinpoint mode will h,elp you find what you’re looking for even more easily than ever. Seven modes of operation and a four-tone audio ID give you options for how you want to use the detector and help you differentiate between the things that you discover. metaldetectorshub.

It is child sized and can detect coin-sized objects that are 5 inches deep while that large objects that are 3 feet deep. The discrimination control helps in getting rid of iron and the unwanted targets. It can be returned by just a press of a button so as to narrow the detection field for a precise location. It pinpoints the exact location of the metal when it is detected. It can achieve automatic ground balance, and the squelch technology that comes with it helps in getting rid of false signals.

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